Google Ads

We research the competition, plan the strategy, adjust and optimize the business ads with the aim of showing them to the right audience, at the right time.

Together, we increase traffic, conversions and loyalty

Get advertised online and reach out to users just when they are interested in your products and services. You may have heard of is as PPC (pay-per-click) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Through Google Ads, we get the most out of any advertising method. Our ads will appear only to the audience that we have defined and who is really interested in what your business has to offer.


— Our Approach

We take the time to study your business and your target audience and then create a digital marketing strategy to attract customers. This way we know how and when to target the audience with promotions, so that we have the best possible results in proportion to your advertising budget. With official advertising certification from Google, we ensure the immediate return of your investment and the creation of measurable results.

— Google Ads Account

If your business does not already have an active advertising account on the Google Ads platform, we are creating one together from the beginning. This account is now your property and allows you to reach over 80% of the internet users (Google, YouTube, etc.) with your ads. A certified advertiser will log in to your account to create, control, and optimize your business advertising activity.

— Research & Planning

Continuous research and planning is vital to the success of any form of digital marketing. Our research gives us an idea of the vision, the main purpose, the goals, the strategies, the target audience, the needs of your business as well as the competition. By integrating market research into your short-term and long-term goals, we design a plan to increase loyalty, visibility and profits through advertising.

— Advertising Strategy

In order to strengthen the brand of your business, increase traffic to your website/eshop or physical store and generate sales, we create a Google Ads advertising strategy, tailored to your needs. We use our specialized knowledge to ensure the most efficient utilization of your advertising budget based always on the goals we have set.

— Targeting & Budget

The targeting process allows us to select the audience to which your ads will be displayed, based on criteria such as: location, demographics and interests or even what keywords or which websites are visited by potential customers. Combined with the most efficient budget management, we will reach potential customers, anytime we want, anywhere and in any way, turning your ad from expense to an investment.

— Control & Optimization

Advertising does not end with the creation of an ad. We are constantly monitoring active campaigns, in order to identify opportunities but also to avoid wrong moves and unnecessary use of the budget. The results we get from the very first day of advertising, are particularly important to understand the behavior of users who interact with it as well as the competition. Therefore, it is our duty to continuously optimize our advertising campaigns.

— Measurement & Analysis

We discover the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by monitoring, collecting and measuring results. The data we measure and analyze gives us valuable information about the profitability of your investment in advertising, as well as the necessary actions where we should take to improve performance in the future.

— Reliability & Security

In order to provide credibility and to maintain security, we do not mediate in your advertising budget. As administrators of your advertising account, we make sure you always know how much was spent and in which ad. In short, we are by your side in order for your business to maintain a permanent and profitable advertising activity within a certain budget, feeding its operation with efficiency and confidentiality.

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