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Check the projects, performance and results of Onebron, through companies that we collaborated with.

Case Studies

Our viability and development are inextricably linked to that of our customers.

See some case studies from projects we undertook and continue to manage their digital presence to this day.



CAAN HELLAS is the leading company in the field of designing sportswear in Greece for the last 20 years. Our cooperation with Caan started in November 2019. Until then, Caan was limited to the design and production of sports appearances and equipment for teams (teamwear) but also the wholesale of sportswear. The purpose of the company was to be modernized in the field of teamwear, to get promoted digitally but also to enter the world of retail of sports goods with its first physical store. We undertook to create from scratch the whole part of the digital presence of the company, transferring its goals to teamwear and active wear on the internet, building from the beginning the corporate identity on the great history of the brand. Our collaboration was also based on innovation, as with the creation of the TEAMWEAR Designer, sports clubs of all sports, can now design their jerseys online, even adding the logos of their sponsors to the points of appearance they want. Onebron continues to work closely with the team of Caan, having undertaken all part of the company’s digital marketing as well as the management and continuous optimization of its online store.


Brand identity

E-shop B2C & B2B

Google Ads

Social Media Marketing

Online Product Designer

Video Promotion

Graphic Design Services

Newsletter campaigns


Angelis Olive Harvesting

Angelis Olive Harvesting is the leading producer of olive harvesters in Greece but its name is not limited to the domestic market, as the history of pulsed olive harvesters literally began here. With a history dating back to 1970 and the first machine known to all as a koupepe (κού πε πε), the company now holds the lead in the preference of the olive farmer by providing him with state-of-the-art machinery combined with 50 years of know-how. Our cooperation started in January 2019, with the modernization of the corporate website as well as its translation into two more languages ​​in order to support foreign trades and exports. Then we undertook the complete management of its promotion digitally, with Social Media Marketing and Google Ads services. In the 3 years of our cooperation so far, we have contributed to the development of the business, providing all kinds of services such as Video promotion, product photography, full coverage of graphic design needs for online and offline use, newsletter campaigns etc. We are proud that, for 3 consecutive years, the company trusts our team for the overall management of its online presence with excellent cooperation.


Corporate Website

Google Ads

Social Media Marketing

Product photography

Video Promotion

Graphic design services

Newsletter campaigns


Kanaki Health & Beauty

In 2018, Ms. Vasiliki Kanaki with years of experience in podiatry, chose us to help her in her new beginning with the (back then) named school of “Kanaki Beauty Training”. Through our cooperation, the next year the school expanded its activity in the retail sale of onychoplasty products, while then they were added to the eshop where we built the study programs as well as the expansion of its possibilities for sale to wholesale customers. With its development, in 2021 came the rebranding in which we undertook the formation of the corporate identity, the new logo as well as the models for the “dressing” of the school and the store outside. Now, combining education and retail and wholesale, the company fully trusts us with its total digital management. Our team manages the online store, digital activity on social networks and Google, as well as all graphic design needs whenever they arise.



Expansion of activity

E-shop B2C & B2B

Social Media Marketing

Google Ads

Graphic design services



A very special and interesting project concerns our collaboration with Kallikantzoura, which started in March 2019. Kallikantzoura was born through the need of young artists to create a company as an art cafe hangout in the area of ​​Nikaia,Attica,Greece. In addition to catering services, it also hosts seminars of various kinds, mainly of an artistic nature, the management of which was the reason why they initially preferred us. Our team has developed a fully customized management and archiving program for the most efficient organization of the seminar sector. Then we took over the management of its social networks, in order to promote the business in combination (events, restaurants, seminars, etc.). With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken, Kallikantzoura was one of our customers who was significantly influenced in the way they operate. The main thing was to find a solution digitally, in order to continue the activity at least in the areas where this was possible. In an excellent collaboration with the managers, we created the Kallikantzoura eshop, through which, artists can very easily sell their creations. We have also created a special affiliate marketing program where everyone can win by promoting products. Thus, we managed to find a way out of a difficult period for the company and its creators, as until recently they were promoting their work in the bazaars of the physical store. Now, we continue our excellent cooperation with Kallikantzoura, managing the online store and its promotion on Social Media, while we also support all graphic design needs whenever they arise.


Business transformation

Business Plan



Social Media Marketing

Custom software

Graphic design services

Work Samples

Each industry requires the corresponding experience.

Below you can see companies that selected our team, categorized according to the industry in which they operate.


E-shop, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing

CAAN HELLAS is the leading company in the field of designing sportswear and teamwear in Greece for the last 20 years. Our collaboration, apart from the construction of the e-shop, is analyzed above as a case study. Together we managed to digitally consolidate its activity in the combination of active and teamwear through social networks and promotions in Google Ads.


E-shop (B2B)

STRANGEL has been active in the field of clothing since 1987 as one of the largest companies in tourist and advertising clothing. We built the company’s online store for the most effective B2B collaboration with its customers. The peculiarity of this project was the combined purchase of clothing and printing but also the restriction of codes that work together in the market (clothing-printing).

HR Nikolaidis

Website, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing

The company was founded in 1978 and since then holds a leading position in the whole range of footwear materials and fashion accessories. With a factory area of 1,500 sqm. and a reputation both in Greece and abroad, the company now has its digital presence and continues to expand through Google Ads and Social Media Marketing.

Amerikaniki agora


With facilities in the center of Athens, a large number of products and a slightly more vintage style, the company chose our team for the renewal and reconstruction of its online store. The new eshop hosts new and second-hand clothes and accessories, now able to serve even the most demanding lovers of vintage fashion.



Maria Zapounidou has been involved in women’s clothing since 2004. Having created a large number of followers through social networks, we helped her increase her reach with a modern online store and we continue through advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


Corporate Website

Tailor Made Boutique in the area of Piraeus since 1982.
Now the boutique has its own corporate website where it can serve every Haute Couture and Pret a Porter order of women’s clothes, wedding dresses and more.

Bougas Ioannis

Website, Google Ads

Giannis started as a landscape photographer, traveling around the world to capture images that inspire and create a sense of exploration. Combining his passion and his studies in Architecture and Commercial Photography, he continues to grow as a professional. We helped him build his digital presence and present his work while also managing his advertising activity. He is now our main external partner in photography and video services.

ECU Planet

Logo, Business cards, E-shop, Google Ads, Social Media

Ecuplanet supplies professionals and individuals with specialized electrical and electronic car parts. It is our honor that they chose us for their new venture to create the business entirely from scratch as it only operates online. Our cooperation now continues managing the advertising activity of ECU Planet through shopping ads but also in the management of Social Media.


Website, Business cards

With 38 years of experience in the field and over 1000 satisfied customers, ECU-DTS specializes in the repair and programming of electronic units of vehicles and boats. The company visited our team to renew its digital presence with a new modern website while at the same time we undertook the graphic design of the business cards of its staff.

Strass Moda

Website & E-shop, Graphic Design, Google Ads

The company Atelier Katsarou, after several years of successful course in the field, chose us for the digital creation and management of its two new stores, which undertake entirely the happiest moments of your life. Sposa group offers bridal dresses of high standards, unsurpassed quality and excellent fit. while Strass Moda covers all the needs of the wedding and the baptism with special creations, full of inspiration and love for an exceptional result.

Flower Art Creations


Flower Art Creations opened to give you the most beautiful ideas for Wedding, Baptism & Party. Our collaboration was based on the creation of a complete online store in which you will find a variety of wedding favors, invitations, christening clothes, shoes, wreaths, decanters, glasses, trays, special charms for newborns and much more.

Sposa Group

Website, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing

The company Atelier Katsarou, after several years of successful course in the field, chose us for the digital creation and management of its two new stores, which undertake entirely the happiest moments of your life. Sposa group offers bridal dresses of high standards, unsurpassed quality and excellent fit. while Strass Moda covers all the needs of the wedding and the baptism with special creations, full of inspiration and love for an exceptional result.

Kanaki Health & Beauty

E-shop, Social Media Marketing, Logo

We undertook the project initially for the development of Mrs. Vassiliki’s Lifelong Learning Center. Our cooperation, where it lasts until today, has helped in the development of the company as a training center but also led to the expansion of its activities in the retail and wholesale of beauty products and equipment. Now, in addition to an eshop and a vocational training school, the company also has a service center.

Miaouli Hair Salon

Website, Social Media Marketing, Logo, Business cards

Konstantina Miaouli hair salon, based on the many years of experience of its staff, provides highly aesthetic hairdressing services. Our collaboration with ms.Konstantina is a milestone for our team, as it concerns one of the first projects we undertook and contributed to our development as Onebron. A collaboration that started from the very first days of our foundation and lasts until today.

Lena Katsarou MUA

Website, Google Ads, Logo, Business cards

Lena Katsarou is a make up artist with an emphasis on bridal makeup. She has been active in the field for over 9 years and her experience has led her to create a structured overall digital presence. We have a perfect collaboration with Lena, helping her to promote her services, beautifying the world with her work.

Art & Care


With 20 years of experience, honesty and quality products, the beauty center of Mrs. Vassilia, highlights your best self with hairdressing services, limb aesthetics etc. Our job was to create the center’s website helping in our own way to start this new venture. We are particularly honored by her preference, as the beginning is very important and we know it well.

Asteras Nikaias V.C.

Social Media Marketing, Flyers, Calendars, Sponsorship plan

Our cooperation with the club lasted 2 years until the spread of the pandemic where it merged with the historical club of Ionikos Nikaias. During our collaboration, we helped the club to digitally communicate its domestic successes and distinctions in the sport of volleyball as well as to compile its sponsorship plan for the 2019-2020 season.

Ippocrates V.C.

Graphic Design, Flyers, Social Media Marketing, Sponsorship plan

We started our cooperation with the club of IPPOCRATES Chaidari from the day of its foundation, with the aim of initially developing its academies in the women’s volleyball department. We continue to this day to provide our services, mainly in the digital creation of recognition and we are walking with him in his first steps in the world of sport.


Corporate Website

MadeLyd is active in the field of insurance and investment consulting and on real estate. They chose us for the design and construction of their corporate website, thus building their digital identity.


Graphic Design, Logo

Ms. Moschou Katerina (Founder and CEO of Human2Human), chose our team for the graphic design needs of her personal project “Kalotaxido”. We also designed the logo for her blog, in which she promotes her services as Coach & Psychologist Health.

Taxes & Taxis

Logo, Business cards

Taxes & Taxis accounting office provides comprehensive tax services to businesses and individuals. They preferred us to design their corporate identity based on their preferences for the logo and then to design and print the business cards of the staff.

Avlos Mechanical

Website, Google Ads, Logo

The company of mechanical works (firefighting – heating – natural gas – water supply – air conditioning) AVLOS MECHANICAL, is active with great success in the field of mechanical installations for over 22 years, while in its current form it operates for 18 years. Our collaboration started with the renewal of the logo and the creation of their corporate website. We are now working to promote the company’s services by managing its advertising business through Google Ads.

Katsaros Constructions

Website, Graphic Design, Logo

The company Katsaros Charalambos, was founded in 2001, building the first apartment building in Neapoli, Nikaia. Having many years of experience in the field of construction and concrete constructions since 1992, it is the continuation of the family business since 1970. Our team undertook to build from the beginning the digital presence of the company, first by creating its corporate identity and then constructing corporate website. Now our cooperation is focused on the graphic design services, where we design tarpaulins that cover the substructure of apartment buildings.


Website, Logo, Business cards

Plast-Tech is a company for the manufacture of molds and the provision of mechanical solutions with a history dating back to 1982. The founders Stamatis and Nikos Kaklamanos, in the context of its modernization, chose our team for the design of the logo and the construction of their corporate website.

PSD Clima

Website & E-shop

PSD CLIMA, was founded in 2004 with the object of work: Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and the promotion of machines. In 2018, wanting to proceed with the creation of a digital presence, we initially collaborated for the construction of the corporate website. Two years later, they again preferred us to turn the website into an online store.


E-shop, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing

Kallikantzoura is a social cooperative enterprise in Nikaia, with a love for the arts, good coffee & evenings with drinks & snacks. Providing not only catering services, but combining space for seminars, exhibitions, bazaars and many events, the company needed a well-organized digital presence to inform its customers effectively. We started with graphic design services for event posters, social media management and website updates. After the spread of the pandemic, we created the eshop Kallikantzoura, where it enabled the company to remain active during the lockdown of catering businesses. Our cooperation now continues with the management of its online store and Social Media.

Jack’s Father

Graphic Design, Pricing catalogs, Packaging design

One of the most popular brands Cafe-Bar-Restaurant in the regions of West Attica, Jack’s Father, has 4 stores in the regions of Korydallos, Egaleo, Peristeri and Keratsini. The company preferred our graphic designers for the renewal of the catalogs of its stores, the graphic design of the packaging of the new delivery service but also the creation of material for use in the Social Media profiles of each store.


Logo, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Pricing catalogs

Bulldog, with an emphasis on street food, chose our team to renew the logo and price lists. Our graphic designers also designed the interior signs of the store as well as the stickers on the outside. Next, we took over the management of the company’s social networks on Facebook & Instagram.

Doulaptsis Mikes

Website, Logo, Business cards

Dr. Doulaptis Mikes is a Vascular Surgeon and Assistant Curator at the Vascular Surgery Clinic of GNA “G. GENNIMATAS ”. We undertook the graphic design of the logo and business cards and then proceeded to the creation of his personal website in order to better communicate with patients and to promote his work and services.

Bazakos Medical Supplies

Website, Logo, Business cards

The company “Bazakos Medical Supplies” has been active since 2017 in the field of health and has as its object of activities the in home care & hospitalization. Our cooperation with the company was based on the creation of a corporate website to frame its physical store but also on the renewal of the logo and business cards.


Business cards, Graphic Design

PhysionCamera is a pioneering idea that transports the physiotherapist to the patient’s home via PC and its staff consists of graduate physiotherapists with higher education and postgraduate studies (MSc). The team selected us for the graphic design of posters and banners as well as for the business cards of the staff.

Dimitrakakos Learning centre

Website, Social Media Marketing

With over 58 years of presence on the side of the students, the Dimitrakakos Learning Center is active in the field of Secondary Education and in the field of Foreign Languages. They entrusted us with the reconstruction of their website while at the same time we manage their advertising activity on Social Media during the registration period.


Logo, Graphic Design

The Edusphere platform is designed to offer technology tools to teachers and students in a friendly environment. We undertook to design the corporate identity of this new venture starting from the color palette, continuing with the logo and finally intervening in the graphic design approach of the digital presence.

Parnitha National Park Management Agency


The Parnitha National Park Management Agency was established by Laws 2742/99 (Government Gazette 207 / A / 7-10-1999) and 3044/02 (Government Gazette 197 / A / 27-08-2002) in order to preserve the natural resources and biodiversity of the protected area. We are particularly honored by the fact that, after a competition, our team was selected in order to renew the website of the Agency.

Rafaelia Premium Villas

Graphic Design, Logo, Business cards

Rafaelia Premium Villas was a new construction project of a villa complex in a village just outside the city of Nafplio. Our work in the project was the design of the logo that would frame the villas as well as the business cards of those responsible for their management.

Angelis Olive Harvesters

Website, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing , Graphic Design, Flyers

The company Aggelis olive harvesters has now been identified with the machine itself. Its history dates back to 1970 when Anastasios Aggelis laid the foundations and then managed to perfect the first pulse machine in the world of olives. Our cooperation with the company started with the renewal of its corporate website and the graphic design services for brochures. We have now taken over the total management of it, in the whole range of its digital needs, thus making it one of our biggest partners. You can learn more as our collaboration is analyzed as a case study above.


E-shop, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Logo

PandaHoo is a fresh and the most up-to-date place to buy everything that can be promoted in the form of an ad. It started as a specially designed shopping blog under the name Aggelitsas in November 2012. Since January 2020 it now operates as an online store with constantly evolving functions and the basic desire to fill the gap in organized and guaranteed product promotion with safety and reliability. The team undertook from the beginning the construction of the entire digital presence, creating a corporate identity, logo, graphic design, eshop and now its total management.

Express Pack Market

E-shop, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Flyers

When we took over the company, it operated under the name Express Pack and its activity was in the manufacture, marketing and delivery of packaging items. We built its online store while also providing Social Media Marketing services. Then we worked on rebranding the company which added to its operation the retail sale of Super Market products. Our team undertook the processing of the logo and the overall graphic design approach as well as the renewal of the online store, adapting it to the new data.


Social Media Marketing, Logo

“TraGreeceTional” consists of a group of young people who, in spite of the times, created the store with the same name in Piraeus and specifically at Agias Marina Street, 38 in Kallipoli. Through the online store, the purpose of the company is to introduce consumers to the authentic traditional Greek flavors, highlighting young and old Greek craftsmen and producers from every corner of Greece. In the eshop, you will find organic and traditional products of all kinds.
Our team undertook the processing of the company logo and the management of its Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Rinnegan Hellas

Website & E-shop, Logo, Graphic Design

RNG Rinnegan Hellas was founded in 2017 to serve all those who love the sea. Based in Piraeus, a few kilometers from the port, the company can meet the needs of customers engaged in fishing and diving. The company’s product range includes fishing gear, live baits, marine items as well as camping items. The company also provides yacht rental opportunities for your vacation. The purpose of the company is to fully satisfy the customer in terms of maritime activity. They preferred us in order to create a logo and related graphic design services as well as for the construction of the main corporate website and its online store.


E-shop, Graphic Design, Catalogs

BIBLIOSYN is a company with the object of importing and marketing stationery items. It also deals with constructions and printing on corresponding products. Since 2002, when it started operating, it has been mainly engaged in the wholesale of bookstores. Our collaboration started with our graphic design contribution and the printing of brochures. A year later, our company opted for the construction of its new online store in which it now hosts close to 4000 different product codes.

Βιβλιοχαρτοπωλείο Έψιλον

Logo, Graphic Design

Epsilon Bookstore has been serving the people of Nikaia for over 20 consecutive years. Our graphic design team undertook the modernization of the company logo as well as the creation of models for the advertising material of the bookstore during the school periods (pencils, labels and notebooks).

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