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An e-shop is not much different from your physical store. In essence, its construction is the transfer of your physical store to the internet.

The goal of an e-shop is to convince even the least familiar with internet users to make their purchases online. That’s why the online stores we create have an attractive design that emphasizes user friendliness.


— Our Approach

At Onebron we use our skills and experience in designing, building and marketing your online store to provide you with a well-structured set of digital services. We formulate strategies for providing customized solutions, depending on the industry, that allow your business to record increased traffic and sales. By creating an eshop we help your physical store to expand its range of offer, to a much larger audience, through e-commerce.

— E-shop

We know that user experience and the revenue of an online store go hand in hand. When users find the buying process difficult, slow or complicated, they usually leave. This is why your online store should be designed in a way that makes it easy for your customers to shop. At Onebron, we focus on providing an easy, impressive and fast customer shopping experience, with the goal of increasing conversions.

— Payment System

All of our online store projects, support all payment methods that every business wishes to accept through it. From offline payment methods (Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, etc.), but also online, such as card payments in cooperation with the bank of your choice or even the interface with the PayPal payment platform.

— Management Interface (Orders & Stock)

The system of organization and management of orders that you receive through your online store, is very important for the proper operation of your business and your relationship with customers. For this reason, all of our projects have a built-in order and product inventory management system, so you can control and manage your online store easily and efficiently.

— Responsive Design

An online store nowadays, should be mobile friendly. This means that the size of its content automatically changes depending on the device on which it is displayed, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. All online store projects we work on are designed to be fully responsive. With us you can be sure that your e-shop will work just as efficiently from any device, even if your customers are navigating.

— Training & Record

In addition to the proper and orderly operation of your online store, the management of your products, incoming orders and registered customers is equally important. Therefore, after the completion of the construction of your new online store, the training for the correct and easy management of all the above, is done in a session that records all the steps and any questions. So you always have the video available with all the management steps of your e-shop to review any question that may arise.

— Check & Delivery

We plan each of our projects separately, with the aim of proper organization, in time and quality. For this reason, we inform you before any agreements, the time it will take from the start of construction to the publication of your website and the technical details we will follow. Before the delivery of the project, we must do the necessary checks to make sure that everything is ready for the website to go live.

— Maintenance & Updates

We now know the importance of having a well-structured and designed website. But just publishing it is not enough. Proper maintenance helps to ensure the security of the website, to increase the number of new visitors and to stay constantly updated. For this reason, we offer regular maintenance and information services, in order to optimize the visitor experience and the smooth operation of your website.

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