Website – Eshop Rental

With this service, we offer the possibility of obtaining a website – eshop in the form of rent instead of a one-time purchase.

Together, we provide facilitation solutions

17 €
/ month
Unlimited number of pages
Default Template (Design)?
1GB Capacity
SSD Drive
Unmetered Traffic
up to 1 GB RAM
Free SSL
1 EMAIL account
Option to expand functions?
* Minimum rental / renewal 3 months
22 €
/ month
Unlimited number of products
Payment methods: Cash on delivery & Bank transfer?
Automated calculation of shipping costs
Default Template (Design)?
2GB Capacity
SSD Drive
Unmetered Traffic
up to 2 GB RAM
Free SSL
2 EMAIL accounts
Ability to expand functions and products import?
* Minimum rental / renewal 3 months
eshop + Will.o suite
40 €
/ month
ESHOP rental features apply

WiLL.O platform features

Customer / Product Management
Inventory management
Order History & Products Cost
Sales - Orders
Reports / Statistics
Send documents in real time to myDATA?
* The price is set by selecting the annual package of the WiLL.O Suite electronic billing platform

You can learn more about the WiLL.O platform here

*Prices do not include VAT.

Development Process & Steps

Realizing the difficulty of finding the capital for the construction of your website or your online store, we created this service so that everyone can take advantage of the possibilities and solutions of the digital world.

Website/Eshop Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a website / eshop is the best choice for a business / company or a freelancer who can not support its construction costs. By choosing to rent a website or an online store and not the one-time purchase of their construction, you take advantage of all their basic functions by avoiding the capital required for its one-time purchase and hosting.

Upon completion of the development, we schedule an appointment in which the necessary training is done by us to you. This way you can modify content on the website, edit and add products to the online store and manage your orders.

The rental service has a minimum rental/renewal period of 3 months and a maximum of 1 year.

Apart from the monthly rental cost of your website or eshop, all you will need is a domain name that will be under your ownership. The cost of it, depends on the ending of the domain (gr, com, etc.) and the duration of its registration is either every 1 or every 2 years. You can find out the cost, see the availability and register the domain you want here.

By renting you don’t lack quality in relation to the onte-time purchase option. The main differences between renting and buying a website or an online store are the limited possibilities as well as the ownership after delivery. You can read below in detail, the limitations that exist in the rental method in relation to the one-time purchase process.

* With the term ownership we refer to the ownership of the website or the eshop as a construction and not to the content, which in any case the customer is also the owner.

Website/Eshop Rental Limitations

There are some disadvantages to renting a website / online store that you should know before making your choice.

In rental service, the main disadvantage is that the website/eshop does not belong to you.

Therefore, you can not transfer your website or online store to another hosting company.

Of course you own the content (photos, texts, etc.), to which you have full and exclusive rights.

The rental service provides specific functions and options. However, some extra features and capabilities can be added at an additional cost.

The websites and online stores that are available for rent do NOT have any restrictions on the number of articles, pages, products, categories, but you can not ask for new specialized features at the same rental value.

In case you need a new function, after communication, there will be an additional one-time charge.

The monthly rental cost may be modified in case the website or the online store runs out of available hosting resources listed in the above packages.