Social Media Marketing

We design, organize, manage and control the social media accounts of companies and their advertising activity, effectively and targeted, with the aim of professional interaction with the users.

Together, we achieve goals and build relationships

Social Media Marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to increase their brand awareness and reach customers.

A professional marketing strategy on Social Media can bring remarkable results to your business by creating brand loyalty and increasing sales.


— Our Approach

Based on the field of activity of your business, we use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc., in order to create recognition and increase the traffic of the website and/or the sales of your eshop. We undertake the creation and publication of content, the monitoring of the following, the analysis of the results and the creation of targeted ads. In order to build trust, we approach the digital marketing of your business, methodically, economically and efficiently, so that you can definitely benefit through our cooperation.

— Content Creation

Your prospective customers will search social media for information and reviews on services and products that interest them. The content of your business profiles is one of the most important factors in shaping your digital image. We ensure that your business maintains a digital presence, with the right content at the right time. Texts, images and videos are carefully created, with the aim of their correct and timely publication.

— Facebook Ads

Facebook is not only about likes. You need users who are likely to become customers and the most effective way to reach them is through ads. Our targeted strategies in Facebook ads are supported by experience and fresh ideas for creative work, without unnecessary use of the advertising budget. That’s why we handle successful Facebook accounts, by creating results that return the investment.

“”Business Facebook’s platform allows for more advanced targeting than any other Social Media advertising platform, offering extremely valuable targeting criteria.”

— Instagram Ads

Instagram is one of the top graphic content social media platforms. The purpose of any business that maintains a presence on Instagram, is to attract the attention of users. But is that enough? The ads we create on Instagram do more than just attract attention. We turn a simple post into a dynamic one, aiming at interaction and sales.

“Unlike organic posts, Instagram ads can link a post directly to a product page or other landing page on your website or eshop.”

— Monthly Plan

We create a shared calendar of all scheduled actions in your company’s Social Media profiles, which you can access anytime 24/7. You can easily rearrange scheduled posts and ads by simply dragging them into our plan. We prepare the plan every month with dates, content, goal and posting material. All you have to do is approve the actions and propose any changes. Leave the rest to us. See the real-time plan of the month to be implemented as we have planned.

— Increase Recognition (Followers)

As the number of users following your Social Media profiles increases, the portion of your advertising budget which aims to reach new users decreases. An effective social media marketing strategy will help you increase your followers, not only in quantity but also in quality, to users who are interested in what you offer. We will ensure that your followers match the target audience of your business, increasing the return on your investment.

— Creating relationships (Engagement)

Creating strong relationships with users on Social Media is very important, as increasing user loyalty increases the chances of conversions such as calls, visits to your physical store and online / offline sales. We will help you increase the loyalty (“likes”, comments, messages, etc.) in your posts on Social Media. The more loyal you are, the stronger the connection with your audience.

— Increase Traffic & Conversions

Increasing the traffic of your website or online store will directly affect your potential customers and sales. This is why we focus on developing ads on Social Media where they lead to increased traffic. To increase conversions, we set specific goals for your social media ads.

“”For example, we can create campaigns that will be displayed only on the recent visitors of your website/eshop.”



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