The company based in Athens,Greece, started operations in March 2018, with founders the brothers Manolis and Nicholas Pavlides. Manolis deals with web design and development since 2015, with a recognized degree from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. While his brother Nicholas, manages social networking, advertising and promotion in the digital world since 2016, with a degree in Management from the University of Peloponnese and a recognized advertising certification from Google.

The driving force behind the company’s foundation, was to offer businesses an alternative method of managing their digital presence. Taking them out of the dilemma of choice between an outsourcing digital agency and the high-costly creation of an insource digital marketing department. Onebron works cooperatively in permanent daily contact with customers by converting negative elements from these options into positive ones.

Onebron began having in its core operations, the website design and development as well as the digital business management and promotion on Google and Social Media. Graphic design and counseling were the two added services, later on. All of them with main focus on improving the digital presence of the customer.

“The goal of our company was, from the beginning, to improve the digital world of small and medium-sized businesses as well as the start-up businesses.”

With the ultimate goal of supporting small businesses to cope with the mobile digital world of the internet, the company delivers the most cost-effective solutions for businesses of this size through specified packages and individual services.